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Professional Speaker

Rhonda Draper has spoken and presented at numerous conferences and events. Her topics?

  1. A Moment of Transcendence - The Power of the Arts in our Lives
  2. Multidisciplinary Education and Original Work – A Conversation on Creativity
  3. Creating a Culture of Kindness and Compassion
  4. All the while I was Teaching - Rhonda tells her humorous and personal story as a public school educator. This message reminds us of the many times we have to call on our better selves.
  5. Ten Lessons in Education – For the New, the Tired and the Uninspired
  6. How Canada Came to Be –An Interactive session/keynote which has the audience or participants up and moving, singing and creating
  7. Integrating Music, Movement and the Arts across the Curriculum – songs, games, chants, rhymes and other ideas that help fuse the arts across the teaching day.


Rhonda Draper has had the privilege and important charge of consulting to strengthen the arts in education. The arts present other ways of knowing and other ways of growing which help develop our social-emotional selves and our creativity. These are important aspects of any school culture. Rhonda offers practical ways of assessing the arts at work in schools, then offering suggestions for strengthening the program within the school walls and daring to take it beyond to the community. Contact Rhonda if you want to book her as a consultant for your school/organization.

Public School Teacher

Rhonda Draper has taught in the public school system in Canada for over 2 decades. She has taught all grades at one time or another, has been a Learning Assistant and is currently an Arts Specialist in School District 23 in Kelowna, British Columbia. When you book Rhonda, you get a person who is authentically practicing the skills, challenges and inspirations about which she speaks.

Adjunct Professor at University of British Columbia

Rhonda Draper is on the Faculty of Education at University of British Columbia working alongside teacher candidates to deliver strong music and arts programs in education. Contact Rhonda if you want her to speak at your conference!

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Rhonda Draper has developed many materials that help incorporate music and movement into your work with children. They are born out of her field of practice and usually out of teacher and parent demand. Click here to view her materials.

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Rhonda Draper is an award-winning educator, speaker, musician, singer, songwriter. She has won Canada's highest honour of excellence, the Governor General's Award, for harnessing the power of the music, art, drama and dance to explore Canada's multi-faceted history with children 5-12 years old. She has also been awarded the University of British Columbia's inaugural "Excellence in Teaching Award" for her work integrating the arts across other school subjects in the Central Okanagan School District. She keynotes for Education Conference, Women's Conferences, Wellness Conferences (or your conference!) - weaving her journey and the lessons learned with humour and music. She also does break out conference sessions that are interactive, energetic and humorous. She has performed at festivals around the Okanagan, combining story telling, djembe drums, singing and other arts. If you are looking for a unique and powerful arts-based presenter, contact Rhonda today.

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Echo Songs and Alphabets


How Canada Came to Be


Music and Writing


Number Fun


Performance Tracks-How Canada Came to Be


Preschool and Kindergarten Basics


Rhymes and Tongue Twisters


Singing Fun


Self Esteem Songs for All Occasions


Math Fun - Addition Facts


Math Fun - Division Facts


Math Fun - Multiplication Facts


Math Fun - Subtraction Facts

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 Rhonda Draper dreams big and inspires us all to do so also. She teaches through joy and passion so that her students learn remarkable skills but more importantly, fall in love with music and performance. Her show “How Canada Came to be” that we performed with her and 250 students was a triumph and brought grown men to tears. I was so personally inspired by Rhonda as an educator that I chose Glenmore school for my own children.

-Rosemary Thomson, Okanagan Symphony Orchestra

 Rhonda’s presentation was wonderful! I feel inspired to incorporate the arts as a part of their everyday learning and I do not feel like an ‘intimidated musician’ any longer!

-KW, Fort Nelson BC

Thanks for the fantastic handouts and for having resources available for purchase at your keynote. Do you visit out of province school districts with your presentations? ” Answer: Yes. Rhonda is available for out of province workshops.

-DG, Edmonton AB